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Everyday we see how more and more people have a digital camera, with more megapixels, more capacity,... at the end of a holiday we can have more than 6 megapixels 500 photos in our memory card, and share them is impossible due to the weight of the photos.

ÇTo solve this problem we can use Gallery Mage, a multimedia file manager special for pictures that allows us to have all our photos at hand, ordered by pages and prepare them to share them through internet, via e-mail or through online photo galleries.

Gallery Mage can resize all photos at once and rename them, so we can keep the original one and have a copy to share through internet.

Choose how you will share the audiovisual material, exporting the photos like a gallery or simply changing size and format.

Gallery Mage can export the results as:


· Coppermine

· Singapore


· Resized photos
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